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Feminism and facts?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Hey, guys!

So, I’m going to write about a very famous topic which inspires or rather awakens the riotous side of all our pretty girls.

When I heard the word 'feminism' for the first time, I decided then, to never talk about it because I noticed that it created a very contentious and toxic environment.

But then, how will I be a part of the society if I don’t insert my opinion in a pit of thousand others, right? So, I decided to pop up on my own.

The information and lines below are strictly just my opinions about the matter. Not here to establish anything.

In my Life, I’ve met girls who clearly and rationally believe that not all men are the same and in fact, they believe that, it all depends upon the mentality and the behavior of a person. I mean, our minds cannot be gendered, right?

I’ve also met girls who say that men are useless, all men are the same, and they are dogs, for any Xyz reason. Now, I’m not here to offend anybody. But I just want y’all to do something and that is, let’s not talk about men, collectively, please? I mean we’re nobody to judge all the men, right? This is something that isn’t fair and so not justified.

A person is defined by his/her mentality, personality, and his/her’s rational and respectful behavior towards people.

But to those people, who don’t understand this and roll their eyes, reasoning their ignorant behavior and stating the whole act as the act of feminism. I mean, really? This ain’t feminism; this is your ignorant behavior towards people.

About feminism, I believe that this is something that has been going on since the 14th or the 15th century or even before that. This is not something which has started like five years ago, and now we’re protesting about it. But do we know anything about it? Why it started, when it started? How did it start? No. We haven’t witnessed the act when it first came into action.

It has been affecting the lives of women tremendously. I agree. I feel sad even when I agree with this fact. We are the prey of this issue for a very long time now.

But you see, this is something which is going on for a very long time and it will take time to get eradicated.

Now, when I say that it will take time, I don’t support that it is okay to let it go on.

I have to say this because the reason it is taking so much time is only and exclusively because of us, the people of our country, both men and women.

Men and women are different in many ways, not only biologically but in many different and beautiful ways. But there’s one thing that is in common and that is our Ego. It is our ego that doesn’t let us think rationally.

Just talking about it is the calm and fair option to resolve the whole mess. Not every issue is solved by raising the volume.

To all the beautiful women, I want to say; that all the rights of equality you’re fighting for are already yours. You need to know that. It’s not yours if you’re fighting for it.

To all the handsome men, I want to say; that you need to know it’s theirs.

India, our country is filled with such practical minds, beautiful thoughts, and growing youth. Then why is it still battling about an issue like this?

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