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How not to expect?

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog.

Like any other normal human being, lately, I too have been feeling insecure about certain things in life.

And, guess what? I found out why. Here we go!

I have never been the same person for more than a year. I have always evolved and changed. And, I can proudly say that I’ve transformed into a better person each time.

Each year has given me a reason, not to continue being the same person I was before.

And, even though I had a tough time going through everything I’ve been through, there was a part of me that always stayed with me.

Maybe when you, change so many times, you adapt yourself to become a person who either cares too much or doesn't care at all, expects a lot, or doesn’t expect at all.

In my case, it’s the first one. People say expectations lead to disappointment.

It’s true. But what I don’t get is how people continue to expect even after getting hurt?

Hope? Mental satisfaction? Arrogance?

Honestly, I’m not sure about the answer to this question. But what I do know is -

I believe when a person limits his happiness to a single source, after a point his expectation rises to a level that the source stops functioning. And, then they feel helpless. The frustration and the agitation hits them, leaving them with a sense of untrust and dissatisfaction.

But let me tell you, there’s nothing wrong with expecting things from someone who is ready to give you what you need. It’s just a matter of how much time it lasts.

It’s all about the consistency of time and the point where you start taking things for granted.

Whenever I’m frustrated or something happens I ask myself, why am I like this? Why do I overthink? Why am I expecting so much when I know I shouldn’t?

I get so frustrated that I start blaming myself for all of it, which is natural.

But after some time I realize that it’s me who is limiting myself. Why am I limiting my happiness to that one person or that one thing, when I have so many other ways to find happiness. Right?

And this keeps me motivated.

I, as a person, won’t say that I’m headstrong.

Yes, I get hurt. Yes, I am emotional. It’s just that now, I have become more aware.

I recently saw a write-up that said, ‘If you’re starting to feel like you deserve more or you want better for yourself then you’re awakening and realizing your true potential. You can no longer just settle and avoid what’s possible for you. You’re upgrading on all levels. Welcome change and be patient with yourself.’

So to all my fellas out there, if you relate to anything that I said above then remember, it’s okay to feel insecure, it’s okay if you’re too emotional, it’s okay to feel like you are alone, it’s okay to expect more, it’s okay to get disappointed, and it’s okay to feel like shit.

All you have to do is hang in there a little bit more cuz trust me, there’s something big coming your way.

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Akash Kumar
Akash Kumar
Jul 11, 2022

It is good stuff and totally relates to me.


Siddesh karkera
Siddesh karkera
Jul 11, 2022

You have written such a wonderful and meaningful blog I can totally relate to what you were saying , loved reading It


Apr 17, 2022

This is very smart and beautiful. Your writing has a rare simple honesty which really touches.


Dev Sanghrajka
Dev Sanghrajka
Mar 22, 2022

The best thing I have probably ever read! Beautiful stuff really need this :)


One of the most relatable content EVER !

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