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Mumbai 101

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Where the flowers bloom and the day's doom,

Where the roads begin and the losers win,

Where the oldest of tales still operate,

Where they make their own fate,

It is the city of mornings and goodbyes,

And it’s widely called Mumbai.

Hey Guys!

So, I was sitting in my chair, sipping tea and watching friends when I noticed something outside my window. I could hear the raindrops pounding on my window glass and their dance moves.

It made me realise how serene and beautiful everything I saw was. So I went up to the balcony and stood for a while. I was just watching at the bird flocks flying down to find a safe haven. I noticed the plants grinning. The soil smelled good to me.

Everything I was experiencing brought back memories of when I was younger and used to play in the rain. I remembered how much I used to enjoy the rain and look forward to it starting so I could go outside and dance my heart out.

This is just one of the many things I enjoy about this city.

Mumbai is where I was born. For me, this city has been a treasure trove of surprises. Mumbai is known as the "City of Dreams." That is correct. Mumbai is a city where you will witness the terrors of the night but will awaken to the magic of the day.

For me, it's more like a maze. I mean, I'm aware of all the escape options, but I'd always want to stay. So much has been given to me by this city. Friendship, love, deceit, and the desire to succeed are all on the menu. Everything it has given me has forced me to learn things. It's a lesson that only costs time to learn.

But one thing is certain: if you visit this city, you will understand what it means to be a warrior. You'll learn to fight back, stand up, raise, and rise again.

It's the stories that live here, in the Bombay grounds, that give it such force.

So many people's lives have been impacted by this city. So many people who have set foot in this city have gone on to become legends.

Mumbai has transformed people into people they never imagined they could be.

I, for one, have learnt a great deal from the brave men and women's experiences.

My mother always tells me that when I am young and ready to work, I must remember that I am alone. There will be no one by my side to take my place. As a result, I should be prepared for any challenges or complications that may occur.

 She said that I'll have to fight back and I heard her.

What would I have done with my life if my mother hadn't advised me? I wondered. Back there, I had a heads up.

But I couldn't help but wonder, what if I didn't have anyone? What about those who are on their own and have no one to guide them? Their life journey in this city will consume them.

And I knew that was the difficulty my mother was talking about. Because fate is a mysterious force that cannot be predicted or anticipated.

Some may say that Mumbai has stories of death and despair that are now part of history. It was here that the majority of people died in vain. People's hearts are broken in this city. Anything can provoke a rejection, a split, or an argument. It evokes sighs rather than enjoyment.

But, This beautiful yet damaged city is full of stories and poems which has a deeper meaning to it, and still, it shines, why? Because of Hope. There is Hope. This city of dreams thrives on Hope. Always remember, a dream cannot be accomplished if there's no hope.

And Mumbai is a city where People who trust, walk on the bridge of Hope.


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